Wally's whiteroom picture

Wally Burninglungs was a newcomer to the PokeSims blog. Wally is known to be extremely adorable, both to the PokeSims admin and to the sims in the game themself. Wally, however, hasn't done very much on the blog.

Wally's last name comes from his severe asthma.

In the GamesEdit

Wally official art

Wally's official artwork.

Wally is the second, and main, rival in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. He is a very sickly boy, most likely with some sort of asthma, and thus his parents were afraid of letting him train Pokemon. Wally's main Pokemon is his Ralts.


In the blog, Wally acts cutely, matching his appearance. However, he still can act tough, as he loudly wheezed his distaste of joining the naked picnic at the park and laughed at Leaf when he defeated her at hopscotch. Like the games, Wally has severe asthma, which he had suffered an attack from in A Day in the Life of Emmet.

Major Blog EventsEdit

Wally asthma

Wally having an asthma attack.

Wally has been seen only a few times. He played hopscotch with Leaf, and looked entranced by her when they  spoke afterwards. He appeared in A Day in the Life of Emmet, in which he  suffered an asthma attack while Emmet and Erika bounced on a trampoline. Most recently, Wally has been seen whe ezing at Eusine when invited to the naked picnic.

Major Fan EventsEdit




Wally and leaf

Wally and Leaf

Leaf is one of the few sims Wally has been seen interacting with. The two played hopscotch, and Leaf would happily squeal whenever Wally did well. Wally ended up winning, and it was apparent he developed a crush on her as they spoke afterwards. However, Leaf was/is in a relationship with Gary, so Wally apparently never acted upon his crush.