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Welcome to the Pokesims WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to Toripocalypse's PokeSims! Character bios, who's dating who, etc. are all found here! Welcome and feel free to contribute if you're a fan as well!

Help us out!Edit

All fans of Tori's Pokesims are welcome to write, edit, decorate, etc. a page! But please be sure to follow the rules!

The Rules

  1. Keep articles/pages at an age-appropriate level (i.e. PG-13).
  2. Keep this wikia organized and neat.
  3. Make sure the bios about the pokesims pertain to Tori's pokesims specifically. In other words, don't go off-topic! There is already a Pokemon wiki for that. This is for Tori's PokeSims ONLY!
  4. Have fun!
  5. Be nice to each other! :)

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