Lorelei's whiteroom image

Lorelei is a member of the Kanto Elite Four. She is nurtoriously known in PokeSims for doing absolutely nothing, perhaps being the only sane sim in town.

In the GamesEdit

Lorelei official artwork

Lorelei's official artwork

Lorelei is a member of the Kanto Elite Four, using ice types for battling. She is very logical and well known as an idol. In the anime, she is known as Prima and is voiced by Jayne Grand.


Lorelei is very well known for being serious and rather mature, expecially around other sims. She hasn't done anything crazy, and considers herself above the lunatics going around on PokeSims. Instead of participating in antics, she just stands in the corner and observes. Lorelei is one of the sims who is aware of her existance as one, outright stating it in "Ask a PokeSim."

Major Blog EventsEdit

Lorelei muse

Lorelei musing about her fellow sims.

Lorelei isn't featured very often in the blog, despite being one of the original PokeSims, because she is the only "sane" sim in town. The only strange thing Lorelei has ever done is stare at a grave. Other than that, Lorelei simply watches everyone else be crazy. As punishment, Tori stuck her in a garbage can, but that apparently did nothing. During the "Ask a PokeSim" segment, Lorelei reveals that she believes she is better than everyone else in town and shouldn't affiliate herself with them.

Major Fan EventsEdit

Apparently Lorelei was liked by the fans enough to have been asked at least two questions in "Ask a PokeSim."



Despite Lorelei's firm belief that she is better than everyone else on the blog, she expressed a mild interest in Lucian, stating he was "tasty."