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Dawn Shortskirt is based off the female protagonist from the fourth generation of Pokémon. In the blog, she sports her Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl attire. She is at the center of Barry's affections.

Her last name comes from the fact she wears a very short skirt.

In the GamesEdit

Dawn official art

Dawn's official artwork

Dawn is the female protagonist from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. She defeats Team Galactic along her Pokemon Journey. When not chosen as the protagonist, Dawn is Rowan's assistant and performs the catching tutorial of the game.

In the anime, Dawn is one of the main characters and is voiced by Emily Jenness.  

Major Blog EventsEdit

Dawn was one of the original PokeSims, first seen in the background of an image of Grimsley. Her first actual post showed her attempting to look intimidating in a mirror. Since then, Dawn has mostly appeared in the background. Her biggest role thus far was helping cure Barry of his toadification curse. Although Barry was convinced Dawn was his true love, it took two kisses from Dawn for Barry to turn back into a human. Dawn was also seen at the kissing booth in town, where nobody came to kiss her.

Major Fan EventsEdit

Various fan-sims of Dawn have appeared on the blog.



Dawn and Barry

Barry after Dawn's kiss turned him back to human.

Barry is Dawn's love interest. The two were first seen as a couple, but their main interactions came during Barry's curse saga. Barry immediately came to Dawn when Thorton told him that only true love's kiss could break the toadification curse. Dawn was a bit reluctant at first, but she did kiss him, to no affect. When Barry came back later, Dawn tried again, after much persuasion. The kiss was successful, identifying Dawn as Barry's true love. While Barry was overjoyed by this, Dawn told him that they should just start dating slowly before they are pronounced "true lovers."


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Dawn is one of the PokeSims available for download. Dawn is mainly base game content.

 Hair is here 

Sim is at this link (also includes Barry)